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Call for applications for enlarging the pool of experts
26 May 2011

The HURO Cross-Border Co-operation Programme is calling for applications for enlarging the project evaluator expert database. The purpose of the call launched on 12 April 2011 is to identify and select qualified and experienced professionals to join the previously established pool of project evaluation experts.

The aim of the call is to identify and select qualified and experienced professionals for the previously established pool of assessor experts and thus to ensure a proper technical and quality evaluation of the projects submitted under the Hungary-Romania Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013, and by this to contribute to the efficient use of the funds available within the Programme. In order to be eligible applications and applicants have to comply with the criteria listed in the Terms of Reference annexed to this call that also contains other important details related to the tasks to be performed.

It is important to note that being an expert in the database does not automatically imply the obligations of the JTS to award a contract to the expert, this being influenced by the number and type of calls submitted in the frame of different calls.

The expertise sought from the experts that will be included in the pool refers to:

  • Experts, as described in 4.1. from the  Terms of Reference, as well as in point I. in the Application Form, that are able to evaluate whole projects submitted under the one step procedure both from professional and financial point of view.
  • Experts, as described in 4.1. from the Terms of Reference, as well as in point I. in the Application Form, that are able to evaluate whole infrastructural projects including drawings, feasibility studies and other supporting documents required for an infrastructural development project with or without the capacity to asses the financial parts of the investment, i.e. cost benefit analyses, etc.
  • Financial experts who are able to make the financial evaluation of the investment projects.
  • State aid experts who expected to assess compliance with state aid rules for the project proposals submitted for financing, starting from the relevant EU and national state aid regulations, as well as ETC legislation.

Requirements referring to the offers:
Interested applicants shall submit the following documents in one original and two copies:
  - Application form filled in electronically in English (see Annex 1)
  - Detailed CV in English (only EU format accepted )
  - Copies of diplomas, certificates, references proving the experience and knowledge in the selected field of professional expertise as well as other documents considered as relevant, like proof of language skills, etc.
The application form and the CV shall be attached in one electronic copy, as well, on a portable device, CD, DVD, etc.

Submission of offers:
The offers shall be submitted in two copies (one original and and copy), together with the electronic copy in a sealed envelope through post to the following address.

VÁTI Nonprofit Kft.
Territorial Co-operation Programmes Division
Joint Technical Secretariat, Hungary – Romania CBC Programme

HU -1016 Budapest
Gellérthegy utca 30-32.

The deadline for submission is continuous. Internal evaluations of applications arrived will be carried out according to the Call for Proposal to be launched within the Programme.