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Our renewed website is here!
31 March 2011

Our attentive readers probably have noticed that style of our website has slightly changed. Now it  will be more interactive and easier to follow. 

Here are some of the newly introduced features:

- a refreshed design to help the location of most popular features;
- the photo-slide contains actual project photos, capturing the essence of each project, the slide will constantly be updated to ensure visibility to other projects as well;
- NEW FEATURE: Add your project event – this tool will enable project implementers to easily post and promote their project events on our website in all languages (EN, HU, RO);
- newly uploaded documents are now visible on the main page;
- a new menu item containing useful information on project implementation was introduced to guide beneficiaries in this process;

During the transition from the old website some minor technical errors may occure, therefore we would kindly aks your patience in this regard. If you experience any technical difficulties when visiting our website, please send us an e-mail to the following address:

Enjoy surfing!