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Project database

Retrieving of the roadconnection between Sanislău (RO) and Őmböly (HU)
Acronym: Sanislău-Őmböly
Call: HURO/0802
Priority: Priority 1
Action: 1.1.1 Road development (transport)
Registration No. HURO/0802/135_AF
Total Project budget: 5 659 419,00 €
Total ERDF awarded: 4 810 506,15 €
Project start date: 01 July 2011
Project end date: 31 December 2014
Project status: Finalized

The general objective of this project is to bring people, communities and economic actors together in order to facilitate the efficient development of the cooperation area. To attain it, this project brings the contribution of the specific objectives: modernisation of the connection road between the two villages (reducing the distance from 67 to 11 kms) and identification of new cooperation possibilities in the area. The main activities of the project are: public procurement, elaboration of technical plans and road construction works. The project will have a direct effect on the three administrative units involved, namely villages Sanislău, Horea and Őmböly, that have approximately 3871 inhabitants (3193 in Sanislău, 203 in Horea and 475 in Őmböly). Horea and Őmböly villages are at the dead-end of paved roads, located on the road right near the state border, these two localities can be considered the most important beneficiaries. The modernisation of the road will contribute to the rehabilitation of the economic, natural and cultural structure on a medium term. In this respect, the inhabitants of the microregion on both sides of the border can benefit from the results of the project: new employment possibilities, additional incomes as a result of the development of economic and commercial links and of the increase of productivity, or at least more information and experience. Project partners estimation is that in total nearly 18000 inhabitants (living in Sanislău, Horea, Petreşti, Pişcolt, Resighea, Scărişoara Nouă, Dindeşti, Ciumeşti, Berea, Andrid, Dindeşti, Őmböly, Nyírbéltek and Nyírlugos) will benefit of better cross-border accessibility. Also tourists and people planning their occasional trips can take advantage of this road.


ERDF awarded/ Lead Partner

Consiliul Judeţean Satu Mare
Romania, Satu Mare, Satu-Mare, P-ţa 25 Octombrie 1

4 158 166,85 €

ERDF awarded/ Project Partner 1

Ömböly Község Önkormányzata
Hungary, Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg, 4373 Ömböly, Szabadság tér 10.

89 639,30 €

ERDF awarded/ Project Partner 2

Sanislău Local Council
Romania, Satu Mare, Str. Ogorului, 965, Com. Sanislau, Satu-Mare

51 850,00 €