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Thematic workshops for the preparation of the next programme
09 April 2013

As a major milestone of preparing the Common Territorial Strategy for the Hungary-Romania cross-border area, a thematic event with nearly 100 participants was delivered by the members of the consortium led by MEGAKOM and the JTS on 9 April in Békéscsaba, in the "Csaba Gyöngye" Cultural Centre.

Representatives of all 8 counties of the border area and professionals from all the relevant Ministries attended the one-day planning event. The event played a crucial role in defining the key elements of the common territorial strategy of the Hungary-Romania Cross-Border Area.

The context of the planning process, overview of the border area and the key planning principles were presented at the morning plenary session.

Following lunch, participants worked together in four parallel thematic workshops, focusing on the following topics:

  • Workshop 1 - Improving the competitiveness of SMEs, strengthening research, technological development and innovation
  • Workshop 2 - Sustainable mobility, eliminating the bottlenecks in key network infrastructure
  • Workshop 3 - Environment, energy and adaptation to climate change
  • Workshop 4 - Employment, investing in education, skills and lifelong learning

In each workshop, professionals from the Romanian and Hungarian counties as well as relevant Ministries worked together using co-creation methods to identify a vision for the area and propose interventions.

Pictures from the event are available in the Gallery below.

Multimedia gallery