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The Project Implementation Handbook has been updated!
16 January 2013

The latest version of the Project Implementation Handbook (PIH) - has been published on 16 January 2013, entering into force on this date. Starting from today, beneficiaries under all Call for proposals, have to consider this new version of PIH during the implementation/follow-up of their project.

The main changes brought to the handbook have been summarised in the following list, aiming to highlight the most important modifications related to the administrative and financial management, monitoring and reporting procedures as well as other requirements within the framework of the HURO Programme.

Some of the most important changes were introduced in order to facilitate and ease project implementation, for instance:

1. CHAPTER 3.3.1 One of the most important modifications in the Project Implementation Handbook is the possibility of paying out expenditures within maximum 30 calendar days following the end date of the project. This rule has been extended to all categories of expenditure and to all partners, including Romanian partners.

2. Chapter 2.4.2 ‘Technical modifications‘ changed into ‘Other project changes’. These changes have been differentiated in three main parts:

  1. Technical modification request
  2. Notification about changes
  3. Data modifications

This means that from now on modifications falling into one of the above categories will have to be requested on the new/revised templates introduced in the Handbook package available in the Downloads section of the Programme website.

3. CHAPTER 3.4 Preparing and submitting Partner Progress Reports is compulsory for all Hungarian and Romanian PPs on their own project parts within the deadline set in the Handbook. In case there are expenditures related to project activities performed and paid out by the end of a given reporting period, but the total amount does not reach 5,000 EUR, Hungarian and Romanian PPs have the possibility to submit a ‘Notification on actual spending’ to the FLC without asking for validation. This possibility is offered only once during the project implementation period.

4. CHAPTER 2.6 - The rules and deadlines applicable in case of follow-up reports were updated, while the template to be used was newly introduced. The Project Follow-up Report shall be submitted yearly until 31 March, the latest (this change affects closed projects as well, so please make sure to prepare and submit the follow-up report by the deadline defined above!

HERE you can find the updated version of the Handbook and all the annexes as well as other useful documents regarding the project implementation.

Please note that the list of changes contains only the most important modifications brought to the Project Implementation Handbook and is not exhaustive. Beneficiaries are advised to read the whole document in order to become familiar with the modifications incurred!