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Schedule of HURO events - European Cooperation Day
12 September 2012

European Cooperation Day is celebrated all over Europe and in neighbouring countries for the first time ever on 21 September 2012. The final countdown has started, and we count no less than 204 local events and actions to take place across Europe around European Cooperation Day!

A series of project events will happen within the HURO Programme as well under the European Cooperation Day action from 21 September onward, aiming at a broad audience including children and families.

Please find below the wide range of exciting and active events prepared by our projects, opened to everyone:


"Open day of AB-Expo Project"

Date and time: 20 September 2012, 11:00 - 16:00
Location: Arad, Romania, Cal. Aurel Vlaicu nr. 300, 310375
Venue: Central Pavilion of Expo Arad International Center

Theme: The Arad Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture organizes an Open day within the A-B Expo Project. The aim of the event is to introduce the conference center developed through A-B Expo Project and to provide insight into the new services offered by the new infrastructure.  The agenda includes the Tour of the Expo Arad International complex and of the conference center.

"Scientific and Entrepreneurial Picnic”

Date and time: 21 September 2012, 14:00 - 18:00
Location: SZTE József Attila Tanulmányi és Információs Központ (6722 Szeged, Ady tér 10.)

Theme: During the „Picnic” project partners of the SCIENTSTU project will demonstrate chemistry and photonics experiments, meanwhile participants will have the opportunity to try out magical experiments as well. In addition, an „Innovative-IT corner will be set up, where talented IT experts and innovators will present ICT tools and applications during a series of discussions related to the development of new businesses ideas in the cross-border area between Hungary and Romania.
Of course, all of these activities will be combined with a real picnic, livened by the performances of music bands from the border area.

Invitation HU ITC Program HU

Invitation EN ITC Program EN


"Europe in Szatmár/Satu Mare"

Date and time: 21 September 2012, 09:00 - 17:00
Location: 4754 Géberjén, József Attila u. 4-6. Fogyatékkal Élők Nappali Intézménye and Carei, Castelul Károlyi : Bd. 25 Octombrie (Str. 1 Decembrie 1918), jud.Satu Mare, România

European Cooperation Day will be celebrated in Géberjén (a village in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county, in the Northern Great Plain region of eastern Hungary) and in Carei (is a city in Satu Mare County, northwestern Romania). The one-day event will kick off in Géberjén with the presentation of the institutions involved in the implementation of European projects and a guided tour along the Sulyom Educational Path developed in the frame of the project entitled “Szatmár-Bereg and its inhabitants”, creating an Environmental Exhibition Centre in Carei and Géberjén. Later participants will be escorted to the Castle of Carei, which has also benefited from HURO funding in the frame of several projects.

Invitation HU

Invitation RO


Opening conference of the project entitled "Joint Centre for local adaptation and distribution of up-to-date agricultural technologies for environmental land use"

Date and time: 21 September 2012, starting at 10:00 AM
Location: Community House in Salard, Romania

European Cooperation Day will be celebrated in Salard (Romania) on 21 September 2012, where the opening conference of the Joint Center for Local Adaptation and Distribution of Up-to-Date Agricultural Technologies for Environmental Land-use project (BIO-CENTRE) will take place with the participation of Hungarian and Romanian agriculturist, horticulturists, farmers, teachers and students interested in environmental agro-production.

Invitation HU

Invitation RO

Opening conference

Date and time: 21 September 2012, between 11:00 AM and 15:00 PM, local time
Location: Comuna Sălacea, Otomani, nr. 32, Bihor , Otomani Community Centre

Sălacea Commune organizes an event to open and to present the project entitled „Centres of information, education and presentation of natural history and landscape in the valleys of Cris, Barcău and Ier”. The event will be opened with a guided tour presenting the progress made in the reconstruction of the mansion from Otomani.


Project introduction - HELP and HunroCoop - within Dumbrăviţa Village Days

Date and time: 21-23 September 2012
Location: Dumbrăviţa - centre

Two HURO projects (HELP - European Aid for Healthy Communities from Dumbrăviţa and Derekegyház and HunroCoop - The development of economic and business communication between the settlements of Szentes- Dumbrăviţa) implemented by the Commune of Dumbrăviţa will be in spotlight during the Village Days taking place between 21-23 September. The aim of the activities is to present the monitoring and assistance system for elderly people facing age related problems developed within the framework of the HELP project and to boost the business cooperation with the help of a conference and business forum as part of the HunroCoop project. The event will also include a business exhibition dedicated to local companies and a lecture about European Cooperation Day held by a professor at a local University. The discussions and public lectures will also emphasize the innovative and pro-active roll of the EU in creating a better and safer life for its citizens.


"European Mobility Week 2012" in Satu Mare (Vetiş)

Date and time: 23 September 2012, starting at 9:00 from the new center of Satu Mare, Romania
Venue: Someş River Dam on terminal L86 in the border area near the village Vetiş, Romania

The Satu Mare Environmental Protection Agency in partnership with the City Halls of Satu Mare and Vetiş, Order of architects- Satu Mare branch, City Hall of Csenger, the Inspectorate for Environmental Protection and Water Management Vásárosnamény and KIÚT Association, will hold an ample action on 23 September 2012, which promotes cycling and kayaking - as alternative means of travel in the Someş Valley.
Travel route will be:
- with kayaks on the Someş river from Satu Mare to the Hungarian border (Vetiş - Fehérgyarmat);
- with bikes on the right side of Someş river from Satu Mare to the border with Hungary (on the bicycle path created with the assistance of the HURO programme within the HUROVELO project (HURO/0802/006_AF);

Press conference at Oradea University

Date and time: 26 September 2012, 10:00
Location: University of Oradea, 410087, Sft. Universitatii, nr.1, Oradea, Romania, starting at 10:00

Closing press conference of the project  „Studies on accumulation properties of pharmaceuticals and metabolites in the ecosystem of Körös River basin”  will take place in Oradea.


"AB- Expo Opening ceremony" 

Date and time: 28 September 2012, between 9:00-17:00
Venue: H-5600, Békéscsaba, Hrsz. 0296/2

The opening ceremony of the new exhibition centre developed in the frame of the A-B Expo project is taking place in Békéscsaba. During the event the photo exhibition entitled "Arad-Békés in pictures" and a business development fair will be opened.

The schedule of the events containing the exact venues is constantly being updated.

For more information and a detailed list of local events and examples of cooperation projects, visit