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New members joined the JTS!
28 June 2011

The JTS team welcomed 3 new members in the past two month, who aid the implementation of the programme with their prominent professional expertise.

Roland Benda has been working as a program manager within VATI for almost 7 years now – mainly dealing with Phare CBC, Interreg III/A and ETC Programs. He decided to apply for the programme manager position within the JTS, because he was driven by the challenge of new tasks and working in a new environment. Neither the new colleagues nor the new responsibilities are unknown for him and he hopes that his FLC-experience makes him a useful asset to this young, dynamic and good-enthusiastic team.

With a beautiful career in the private sector, in 2005 Marius Birsan took a major shift towards sustainable international development. Working with EAR, PHARE and TACIS Programs and the UN System in Central Europe, Central Asia, Middle East and Africa, he now joins the great programme management team of JTS with new energy to help develop the CBC HU-RO Program. With background in Economics, Anthropology & Communitarian and Regional Development, speaking English, German, Russian, French, Romanian and basic Hungarian, loving the nature, he developed passions like biking, skiing, hiking, climbing, traveling, geography, history, geopolitics and distant radio reception.

Árpád Kovács is an economist specialized in economic science, finance and insurance, having graduated at the Vest University of Timisoara. He gathered experience in many fields of the business sector, in most of the cases as administrative and financial manager. From now on he is happy to engage his experience and knowledge as part of the JTS financial team, as he has always manifested a keen interest in public activities. Árpád likes to spend his spare time in nature, and it’s a must for him to be updated with the local and global economic issues as well.


We wish them success in their work!