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Modification of the procedure for submitting follow-up reports
20 February 2015

Important changes: soft projects (HURO 0801, HURO 0901, HURO 1001) need to submit only one Follow-up Report during the 5-year sustainability period

According to the rules and procedures stipulated in the updated version of the Project Implementation Handbook – (available on our website under the Downloads section at page 18, point 2.6. - Follow-up reports), in case of soft projects (HURO 0801, HURO 0901, HURO 1001) the Project Follow-up Report shall be submitted only once, after the end of the 5 year sustainability period and shall cover the entire sustainability period.

In case of infrastructure development projects the Project Follow-up Report shall be submitted yearly until the 31  March, the latest. In this case, the 1st follow-up period starts the day after the end date of the project, and covers the period until the last calendar day (i.e. 31 December) of the first year, while subsequent Project Follow-up Reports shall cover full calendar years.

We kindly remind you that the other provisions of the PIH and of the SC ERDF remain unchanged:

“According to the available regulations and the SC, the project results have to be maintained for a minimum period of 5 years after the closure of the project. Should the MA, NA, EC, Certifying Authority, Audit Authority, JTS, FLC or any other body designated to perform controls on the use of the financing discover any undue deviations or mishandling of results or developments of co-financed operations, a physical or financial correction has to be made. In case of serious failures, a reclaim procedure can be initiated.

Even if the project was closed and all the activities were implemented, the Final Progress Report was accepted and the final payment claim was paid, the obligations of the beneficiaries towards the Programme are not totally fulfilled. There are still some tasks to be completed by the LP and its PPs, such as keeping the project documentation in a safe place for the possible “second level” control, audits or controls from the European institutions. Additional financial controls are still possible during the entire Programme period and three years after the Programme closure, therefore the PPs must be able to provide the project documentation that proves the expenditures made and the payments they have received until this deadline. The Programme closure shall be calculated in line with Regulation No. 1083/2006/EC and the date shall be published on the Programme web page in due time”.

Please take note that the deadline for the submission of the follow up reports in case of infrastructure development projects (HURO 0802 and HURO 1101) is 31 March 2015.