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Do not miss the Cross-Border Innovation Fair, "InnoMatch"
21 March 2013

The first edition of the Regional Innovation Fair "InnoMatch" will take place between 3-4 April 2013 at Expo Arad International.

Tehimpuls is implementing InnoBoost – Increasing cooperation and competitiveness based on innovation for companies in the cross-border region, a project that has received funding as part of the Hungary-Romania Cross-Border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013, and which is carried out over a span of 12 months in a partnership with the Szeged Regional Innovation Agency. The project aims to:

- Identify and promote innovative products/services/solutions in order to boost the competitiveness and increase the profile of companies in the cross-border region;

- Develop matchmaking instruments and promote good practices to facilitate cooperation among the companies in the cross-border region;

- Offer guidance and support in order to improve performance of the companies in the cross-border region.

The main result of the project is the Cross-Border Innovation Fair - "InnoMatch", scheduled for 3-4 April 2013. Exhibitors from the Romanian-Hungarian cross-border region are expected to join the fair, who will display innovative products, services and technologies in themed pavilions. In addition to the themed displays, the fair will also include discussion panels, matchmaking sessions, and good practice presentations.

The participants can also take part in the "InnoImpuls" Innovative Product Competition, to win one of the prizes offered within the InnoBoost project. The prizes will consist of consultancy packages adapted to the winning products, as well as training sessions on the topic of intellectual property.

At the same time, the fair aims to facilitate the setting up of innovative start-ups and to promote and harness the most innovative solutions with a view to developing new business in the cross-border region.

The event will benefit from the presence of the World Bank, European Commission and the Smart Specialization Platform and will include:

  • Exhibition of innovative products, solutions and technologies in the West Region, Romania and Western Europe
  • Conference with plenary sessions and thematic panels in the areas of regional development, smart specialization, information and communication technology, automotive, finance and intellectual property innovation, clusters, renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • Regional innovation Awards Ceremony

For more information, please visit the dedicated project website.