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BE PART OF IT – celebrate European Cooperation Day
16 August 2013

The second European Cooperation Day will be celebrated this year through various local events mainly around 21 September. See what is happening across Europe on this day and become part of it.

The aim of the campaign is to communicate the achievements of European cooperation across borders to the general public. The local events showcase how cooperation projects are reducing obstacles and disparities by pulling together knowledge and resources in a variety of fields from transport, communication, healthcare, to education or tourism and so much more, while at the same time increasing cultural understanding and efficiency between European regions.

The concept of the celebrations is to organise diverse and fun activities and events in all 8 counties participating in the HURO Programme to celebrate European Cooperation Day. Besides these so-called local events organised by the HURO projects, the HURO Programme will celebrate this day through a virtual theatre production dedicated to children and families, where young talents from Hungary and Romania will perform together some of the sequences and theme songs of the production entitled „Alice” based on Lewis Carroll novel „Alice\'s Adventures in Wonderland". The performance is part of the HURO project entitled E-theatrum. More information on the event will follow soon.

All these initiatives funded by the European Union have helped to improve people’s lives along the many borders within Europe and beyond.

How can you become part of ETC day?

Beneficiaries and partners of the Programme are invited to organise their own local events and activities in their cities and villages in cooperation with local authorities and other stakeholders in order to share the result of our joint efforts and celebrate European Cooperation Day.

Many local activities and events are in preparation and HURO projects could also take part in this adventure and benefit from the media interest, or the various promotion platforms etc. You could rethink your activities planned for this autumn: is there a ‘public interest session’ that you could further develop or even add in the framework of events already planned at the level of your organisation or in the project? Or you could organise a field trip, competition, exhibition, art activities involving the general public, e.g. pupils, students, artists. You could also combine activities, e.g. finalise a project event with a public concert or artistic performance. In any case, the activity shall not be composed of conferences simply retitled, but should clearly focus on information, communication and exchange with the general public in a festive atmosphere.

  • We invite you to watch and share the "This was European Cooperation Day 2012 video" as well as the 2013 promotional video to find orientation and creative ideas
  • The ECD 2013 GUIDE as well as the factsheets in Hungarian and Romanian will also support to develop ideas and concepts and provide you with detailed organisational information.

Interested organisations should contact the Joint Technical Secretariat at:

Please note: the activities are jointly carried out by ETC programmes and projects all over Europe. In order to coordinate the work load, activities shall coordinated by the HURO programme. Please also note that there is a joint logo to be used as well as promotional materials that can be distributed, upon request.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard this wonderful experience!