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4th Joint Working Group Meeting - Satu Mare
06 June 2013

The 4th Joint Working Group Meeting was held on 6 June 2013, in Satu Mare, in the presence of the representatives of the 8 counties participating in the Programme, as well as those of the line ministries and other relevant institutions involved in the programming process.

As the main points to the Agenda the expert team responsible for the preparation of the next Programme presented the draft Strategic Territorial Analysis document and the Strategy Discussion Paper. Following the presentations an intense and fruitful discussion started with the active participation of the representatives of the Romanian and Hungarian ministries and counties. With their valuable comments and proposals JWG members could contribute effectively to the work of the Consortium i.e. to the finalization of the Strategic Territorial Analysis and formulation of the basis for the elaboration of the Common Territorial Strategy.

The final documents discussed during the meeting will be made available after their approval.

Media appearances of the 4th Joint Working Group Meeting can be viewed at: