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2014-2020 Programme - online consultation is open on the draft Cooperation Programme Document
08 September 2014

As most of you have been already informed, the Cross-border Programme Romania-Hungary 2014-2020 is currently under development. Help us to improve it!

This means that under the supervision of the body coordinating the elaboration of the cooperation programme (the Joint Working Group) the main parts of the programme's content have been already defined in line with the rules and principles of the governing European Regulations.

From the beginning of the preparation process Programme bodies have paid attention to the direct and active involvement of the stakeholders from both sides of the border. Local and county level organisations have been invited to participate at specific events dedicated to channelling local development needs in the future strategy, through county workshops and other thematic events, consultations and a series of interviews. The conclusions of these consultations were processed and incorporated in the Strategic Territorial Analysis and Common Territorial Strategy, as well as into the first draft of the Programme.

As the next step of this process, a public consultation is now launched to ensure that the Draft Programme is developed in line with the needs and challenges of the border area and the expectations of the various stakeholders, including potential beneficiaries and the general public. The comments received in the frame of the consultation procedure are going to be used to refine the Draft Cooperation Programme Document before its submission to the European Commission for approval.

To bring your contribution to the shaping of the future Cooperation Programme you are kindly requested to send your comments and remarks by

8 October 2014

to the following email address:

For further details please read the Explanatory Note and the Draft Programme available in English.